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«Le Guide Rouge 2009 de la Revue du Vin de France»

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«Revue des Vins de France n° 528 Février 2009»

Château de Costis – Cuvée Passion 2005

COSTIS Passion 2005 avec passe

«The best wines at the lowest price»
«Good deals in Bordeaux – 100 bottles for less than 10 €»

16,5/20 – «Among one of the best Bordeaux wines when tasting. It is full-bodied, with an intense texture and pleasant tannins. Harmonious, with important fruit aromas, it will be delicious to drink during the upcoming year.»

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«Revue des Vins de France – Hors-série Spécial Cave n°15 Novembre 2008» 

16,5/20 – «This wine is full, very beautiful material intensity with round tannins and sweet. Harmonious and long on the fruit, it will be delicious to drink in the year.»


Extract from

«La Revue des Vins de France»

«This fine and elegant wine reveals notes of intense red fruit on the nose and mouth. Perfectly balanced, silky tannins end up freshness.»