Our Wines

Our Wines

100 % Bottled at the Château

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Vinification Process

Red wine :

The different wines produced are vinified in the cellar in Targon.
In the wine cellar, you will find stainless steel vats and traditional oak barrels.
Experience and modern techniques have allowed the wines to win many medals, in the official national and international wine contests.
During the harvest the grapes are brought to the cellar in airtight containers, protected with CO2 gaz and they are then sent into the tanks for fermentation.
The temperature in the vats is automatically controlled between 26° C and 29° C depending on the grape varietal and the expected final result.
The red grapes are slightly crushed before sent into the vats. During the fermentation process the juice is in contact with the skin, pulp and seeds in order to extract essential components, color and tannin. To allow a good contact with the solids that float on top of the vat, the juice is pumped several times a day from the bottom and sprayed on top of the tank.
When the fermentation process is finished the wine and the solids stay together for another one to three weeks. The wine is then pumped out and the grapes are pressed (pneumatic presses).
During the following months the wines are blended depending on their grape varietal and expected taste. They are filtered only once to preserve their very best quality and from there on the wine is aged in the cellar until bottling.

White Wine:

Skin maceration and use of pneumatic presses.

Storing and serving

Red Wine :

  • Shelf life: 5 to 8 years
  • Optimal serving temperature : 17-19° C
  • Does not need to be decanted but in the early years the wine should be allowed to breathe after opening.

White Wine :

  • Wine to be served young
  • Serve chilled: 7-11 ° C