The original family estate was bought in 1928, by Charles Mallet, the great grandfather of Laurent Mazeau.


In 1949, Michelle Coullon, the granddaughter of Charles Mallet, married René Mazeau and she inherited the family estate in 1950.
From 1950 until his retirement in 1985, René Mazeau ran the vineyard with the help of his wife Michelle. During this period the vineyard evolved and grew successfully to become a technical and commercial model.


In 1985 René Mazeau retired. René and Michelle donated the estate to their four sons. The four brothers decided to administer their heritage separately. Consequently the Vignobles Laurent Mazeau-Bergström was born.

Vignobles Laurent Mazeau-Bergström started with 48 hectares of vines under the names of Château de Costis and Château Rougi.

In 1986 a new and modern wine cellar, combining modern techniques and the respect of traditional wine producing, was inaugurated.

In 1995, Château Bel-Orme Martial, a vineyard of 25 hectares in Saint Martial, was bought.
From 1985 until today new plantations have allowed the estate to become a vineyard of  over 100 hectares.

Bel-Orme Martial

Our goal is to offer the consumers a high quality wine at a reasonable price.
A skilful combination of tradition and modern techniques allows us to obtain the quintessence of our wines.
A highly qualified and experienced staff  guarantees the final quality of our products.

Introducing the method “HACCP” in 2004 and  the certificate of “Agriculture Raisonnée” (Reasoned Agriculture) in 2006 are proofs of our continual efforts to maintain the very highest quality while respecting the environment.